Senate Committee Discusses Sanctions Against Russia

Financial disincentives would go into effect if Russia invades Ukraine. 

Senators on both sides of the aisle discussed the developing situation between Ukraine and Russia on Tuesday. Eight members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee formulated a bill to level financial disincentives against Russia should it invade Ukraine. 

Committee Chairman Bob Menendez of New Jersey said, “I want to be crystal clear to those listening to this hearing in Moscow, Kyiv, and other capitals around the world: A Russian invasion will trigger devastating economic sanctions the likes of which have never been seen before. Putin doesn’t get to redraw the map of Europe. Europeans should be thinking about that. He doesn’t get to bully the people of an independent nation into submission.” 

Senator Menendez stressed that Ukrainians won’t stand for it and neither should the U.S. “These are not run-of-the-mill sanctions. What is being discussed is at the maximum end of that spectrum, or as I have called it, the mother of all sanctions. And I hope that we can come together in a bipartisan way to find a legislative path forward soon so that we can achieve that.” 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee as they craft legislation to impose sanctions on Russia should it invade Ukraine.
  • For the president and his advisors as the situation continues to be closely monitored.
  • For wisdom for Secretary Blinken as diplomatic efforts continue regarding Russia’s aggressive posture.

Sources: The Hill, One America News, Twitter


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