U.S. Navy Seizes $4 Million Worth of Heroin

The fishing vessel was intercepted on the Arabian sea. 

The United States Navy seized $4 million worth of heroin on the Arabian Sea this week. 

In a statement on Monday, the Navy said the heroin was seized from a stateless fishing vessel that was transiting the Arabian Sea. U.S. Coast Guard personnel on the USS Tempest and USS Typhoon discovered the shipment while conducting a flag verification boarding. 

The confiscated drugs were destroyed at sea by American forces, the statement said. After seizing the drugs, the Navy released the vessel and its nine-member crew who identified themselves as Iranian. 

The ships were operating as part of the Combined Task Force, an international task force that regularly conducts maritime security and counterterrorism operations at sea outside of the Arabian Gulf. The task force has seized more than $153 million worth of illegal drugs this year during their operations at sea, an amount that is higher than the total value of narcotics seized in the past four years combined. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • With gratitude for the work of the Combined Task Force and U.S. Navy and Coast Guard personnel in finding, seizing, and destroying the heroin. 
  • For strength, encouragement, and safety for the service men and women patrolling the seas in order to keep America safe.

Sources: The Hill, Military News


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