Launch Date Confirmed for Successor to Hubble

Christmas Eve launch expects much smaller turnout.

Though there has been a six day delay, the James Webb Space Telescope has been approved for launch into space on Friday, December 24. NASA had hoped that this successor to the Hubble Space Telescope would be launched on Saturday, but a bad communication link and an accidental bump during launch preparations had to be sufficiently rectified to before a new launch date could be set.

“Since it’s Christmas Eve, all the congressional delegations that were going down, all of that has evaporated,” NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said this past Friday. Administrator Nelson also expects casual launch watchers to decrease in number, and some on-site personnel are also taking their vacations in observance of the holiday. But the administrator himself will be there to see the telescope take flight.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Administrator Nelson as he oversees the launch on Friday.
  • That the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope would be successful with no glitches.
  • For this significant piece of scientific equipment would be effective in relaying information about the world and the universe.

Sources: AP, NASA, The Hill


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