National Archives Releases More JFK Documents

Researchers project no major new revelations. 

Nearly 1,500 previously classified documents pertaining to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy were released by the National Archives Wednesday. Thousands more remain yet to be disclosed. The trove of documents has been posted to the National Archives’ website.  

The National Archives said it and other agencies “will be conducting a massive review” of redactions across more than 14,000 documents yet withheld “to ensure that the United States Government maximizes transparency.” 

“Any information currently withheld from public disclosure that agencies do not propose for continued postponement beyond December 15, 2022, will be released to the public on that date,” the archives said. 

Historians, research journalists, and others had hoped the documents would reveal more details of the Kennedy assassination; however, it appears that no “smoking gun” will be unveiled by the latest document declassification. The total number of documents and records surrounding the assassination kept by the archives amounts to around 5 million pages, with the vast majority already released. 

“It’s an outrage against American democracy. We’re not supposed to have secret governments within the government,” JFK’s nephew Robert F. Kennedy said in October. “How… is it 58 years later, and what in the world could justify not releasing these documents?”  

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For researchers and historians as they comb through the latest document release on the JFK assassination. 
  • For U.S. government officials to have discernment regarding documents not yet declassified. 

Sources: The Hill, CNN


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