President Biden Meets with Russian President Putin

President Biden warns Russia that there will be consequences if Russia continues its presence in Ukraine

A high-stakes virtual meeting was held Tuesday morning between President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin. In it, President Biden warned the Russian president of economic consequences if he continued to escalate a military presence around Ukraine. 

The White House diplomatic effort came as tens of thousands of Russian troops mass along the Ukrainian border, raising speculations of an invasion. 

Jake Sullivan, the president’s national security adviser, described the president’s comments to reporters: 

“He told President Putin directly that if Russia further invades Ukraine, the United States and our European allies would respond with strong economic measures,” Sullivan said. He added, “There was a lot of give and take, there was no finger wagging, but the president was crystal clear about where the United States stands.” 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

For God to guide President Biden and administration officials as they work to address the Russian military’s occupation of Crimea

For wisdom for the president as he continues to meet with Russian leaders to deescalate tensions in Eastern Europe.

For God to direct the officials in the U.S. and NATO as they work to provide aid to Ukraine.

Sources: CNN, New York Times, Fox News


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