U.S. and NATO Considering Response to Russia

Military build-up along Ukrainian border is becoming a growing concern. 

The foreign ministers of NATO are meeting in Latvia to determine a response to Russia’s military buildup around Ukraine. Allies have been briefed that Moscow could launch a new military operation in Ukraine at any time. NATO and the U.S. are seeking means to deter the Kremlin from any potential assault while making clear the limits of its support for Ukraine. 

While Russian tanks move west toward Ukraine, NATO’s Secretary General warned Moscow of the risk of “miscalculation.” Ukraine’s president said his country was “entirely prepared for an escalation.” He also said he had information that a “coup d-etat will take place in our country.” 

In September, the administration committed to an arms and military aid deal with Ukraine worth $60 million that involved military equipment.

The Ukrainian president’s claims have “raised the temperature” ahead of the U.S.-led virtual Summit for Democracy to be held on December 9 and 10.  

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For discernment for the president and his administration as tensions increase between Ukraine and Russia and the United States. 
  • For wisdom for the State Department representatives in Latvia as they discuss deterrents to Russian aggression. 
  • For members of Congress calling for the U.S. to provide more military equipment and aid to Ukraine. 

Sources: Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, New York Times 


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