Air-to-Air Exercise Planned Between U.S. and German

 Air Force leaders kick-off event in German airspace.

Last week, German Air Force Lt. General Ingo Gerhartz and U.S. Air National Guard Director Lt. General Michael Loh officially began planning joint training exercises between the German and U.S. Air Forces. Currently dubbed “Air Defender 2023”, the two nations hope the training will establish a new base of operations for U.S. and NATO defense collaboration in Munich, Germany, a task that is especially important now that the U.S. has pulled out of the Middle East.

Lt. General Loh stated that it is time to get back to exercises in Europe, saying the U.S. needs “to start thinking more [about] our pacing threats — China, Russia — and try to bring them up to those standards.” He added that allied militaries are asking, “What does it mean to be under the command-and-control structure of NATO, and how do we actually operate inside of NATO?”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Lt. General Loh as he begins planning for this massive joint training.
  • For military leaders of both nations to have wisdom as they organize and coordinate exercises.

Sources: Defense News, Air National Guard


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