State Department Unclear on Americans in Afghanistan

”We continue to fulfill our pledge,” Spokesman Price says. 

More than a month after the last U.S. forces left Afghanistan, the State Department still cannot offer specific numbers on how many American citizens, green card holders, or special immigrant visas persons remain in that nation. 

State Department spokesman Ned Price offered no estimates, ranges, or numbers. However, he said it is the State Department’s position that “those who wish to leave Afghanistan should make an appointment with a U.S. Embassy outside of Afghanistan,” and that they are still “developing processing alternatives.” 

He stated, “We continue to fulfill our pledge to U.S. citizens, to lawful permanent residents, and to Afghans to whom we have a special commitment. … We’ll be relentless in helping them depart Afghanistan if and when they choose to do so. Since late last month, we have assisted 105 U.S. citizens and 95 lawful permanent residents to depart.” 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For State Department officials as they develop the process for the departure of U.S. citizens and others from Afghanistan.
  • For independent veterans and religious groups working to assist Americans leaving Afghanistan.
  • For Americans and others who want to get out of Afghanistan. 

Sources: National Review, CNBC 


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