Speaker Plans Infrastructure Vote for Thursday

Senate-approved bill expected to pass in the House.

On Monday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that she would schedule a vote on a bipartisan infrastructure bill on Thursday. The bill already passed in the Senate and is expected to pass in the House and be signed by the president. Initially, Speaker Pelosi had stated that she would not bring the bill up for a vote until the Senate passed another larger spending bill. 

Many other actions are also expected this week in the House. Speaker Pelosi said, “This week is a week of opportunity, as we work to keep government open, conclude negotiations on the Build Back Better Act, and advance the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework.” Congress has a deadline of December 3 to pass a new spending bill and keep the government funded. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Speaker Pelosi to seek God’s direction as she brings legislation forward for votes.
  • For members of Congress to be discerning as they vote on proposed bills and acts. 
  • For members of the House as they debate and vote on the infrastructure bill. 

Sources: The Hill, AP, CNN


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