Radhika Fox, Assistant Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency for Water

Radhika Fox

Assistant Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Water

Radhika Fox was born in Pacifica, California. She earned an undergraduate degree in philosophy and religion from Columbia University. She received a master’s degree in city and urban planning from the University of California, Berkeley. She was a HUD Community Development Fellow at Berkeley.

She has over 20 years of experience in the development of water policies. She directed policy and government affairs for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and served as the federal policy director at PolicyLink. She joined Water Alliance and spent six years as its CEO. She worked as the director of the Value of Water Coalition.

Fox was appointed by President Biden to be the principal deputy assistant administrator for water at the Environmental Protection Agency. She was confirmed by the Senate and assumed her position in June 2021.

In the News…

The Environmental Protection Agency announced it was canceling the January 14 guidance issued by the previous administration which established exceptions to which types of facilities would require agency permits in the discharge of pollutants. Their action is based on a prior Supreme Court ruling.

In a memo written by Radhika Fox, who heads the agency’s Office of Water, the assistant administrator said the EPA was evaluating its next steps and that the agency will make site-specific decisions on whether relevant discharges need permits. 

Administrator Fox stated that prior guidance had been issued “without proper deliberation.” She wrote that the part of the guidance relating to facility design is not reflected in nor consistent with the Supreme Court’s ruling, though it was issued after the court’s decision.

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Ms. Radhika Fox, Assistant Administrator
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