Thousands of Migrants Camp Under Texas Bridge

Border Patrol is overwhelmed, official says.

As of Friday, around 9,300 migrants had accumulated and are currently camping under the international bridge in Del Rio, Texas. The number of new arrivals has grown daily, up from 8,200 on Thursday morning and 4,000 Wednesday morning.

Representative Tony Gonzales of Texas, whose district includes Del Rio, visited the site and stated that “there is virtually no border” with migrants moving to and from Mexico “with ease.”

The Val Verde County Sheriff said, “Border Patrol is overwhelmed. They just can’t process them fast enough, so there’s a backlog of these individuals underneath the bridge. They’re not detained, they’re just gathered there waiting for their turn to get processed.”

Customs and Border Protection said it was sending additional agents to the area to help process migrants more quickly.

Temperatures in Del Rio are expected to pass 100 degrees for the next five days and the bridge serves as a temporary shelter for the migrants.

Multiple reports suggest most of the migrants in Del Rio are from Haiti, which saw a devastating earthquake in August that killed nearly 2,000 people, and political instability after the assassination of its president in July.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Border Patrol officials who are overwhelmed with the vast number of people congregated under the international bridge.
  • For Customs Enforcement and other law enforcement officials dealing not only with border issues but the number of refugees that have poured in from Afghanistan.
  • For the president’s administration to consider updating immigration policies.

Sources: National Review, Washington Post, Texas Tribune


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