Vaccine Creator Say Boosters may be Unnecessary

Immunity due to the vaccine is holding up well, she said.

A leading vaccinologist behind the AstraZeneca vaccine said booster shots to extend the protection of COVID-19 vaccines may not be necessary for many people. Oxford University Professor Sarah Gilbert said immunity from the vaccine was holding up well, even against the Delta variant. While the elderly and those who are immune-compromised may need boosters, the standard two-dose regimen is providing lasting protection for most people, she said.

“We will look at each situation, the immune-compromised and elderly will receive boosters,” Professor Gilbert said. “But I don’t think we need to boost everybody. Immunity is lasting well in the majority of people.” She said the world’s priority should be to get more vaccines to countries that have received limited supplies. “The first dose has the most impact.”

Healthcare officials in President Biden’s administration recently recommended a pause in rolling out boosters in favor of focusing on first-time inoculations.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the CDC director as she offers recommendations and advises the president.
  • For FDA officials as they provide feedback on treatments and therapeutics.
  • For state and local healthcare officials as they care for at-risk residents.

Sources: Newsmax, The Telegraph, The Hill


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