NIH Director Wants More Vaccine Mandates

He says to use “every public health tool we can.”

Dr. Francis Collins, the Director of the National Institutes of Health, urged the U.S. to adopt more vaccine mandates, saying he supports businesses that are requiring the shots for employees. When asked if it is time for more compulsory COVID-19 dose policies, he said, “Yeah, I think we ought to use every public health tool we can when people are dying.”

He said the issue of vaccines is obviously a hot topic for him as a nonpolitical person, as a physician, as a scientist. He added, “The compelling case for vaccines for everybody is right there in front of you. Just look at the data. Certainly, I celebrate when I see businesses decide that they’re going to mandate for their employees.”

On masking mandates, he stated earlier, “Let me clarify the masking message that I garbled on… Vaccinated parents who live in communities with high COVID transmission rates should mask when out in public indoor settings to minimize risks to their unvaccinated kids. No need to mask at home.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For government officials as mandates for getting the COVID vaccine are promoted.
  • For U.S. health advisors as they consider the risks of adverse reactions to the inoculated.
  • For those in authority to preserve liberty as they endeavor to protect public health.

Sources: Washington Examiner, Twitter, ABC News


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