Cubans and Haitians Flock to Southern Border

Secretary Maryorkas told them not to come “by sea.”

Citizens from Cuba and Haiti seeking to escape economic and political strife are heeding Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ warning not to come to the U.S. by sea. Groups looking for a means to enter the U.S. have begun surging through America’s southern border. They readily join in with migrants entering the country illegally through Mexico.

A senior national security fellow at the Centers for Immigration Studies said, “Haitians and Cubans are among the most numerous non-Central-American, non-Mexican immigrants crossing the border right now. There’s a great wide-open land route they are using.”

A journalist in Del Rio, Texas said, “Here in Del Rio, it’s not just migrants from the Northern Triangle countries crossing the border. This group of men told me they’re from Ghana. Another group told me they’re from Haiti. Others from Cuba and Venezuela. Many tell us they want new lives in the U.S.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the president’s administration to deal with illegal migration at the southern border.
  • For Cubans and Haitians who are fleeing extreme turmoil in their home countries.
  • For God to fulfill His purpose through the influx of migrants to this nation.

Sources: Fox News, Newsmax


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