President Focuses on Economy in Interview

Says his administration’s big spending comes at pivotal moment in history.

President Biden gave the first published interview of his presidency to New York Times columnist David Brooks. Released on Friday, the main focus of the interview was to highlight the point, despite his administration’s big spending, that he does not view himself as a true progressive.

“We’re at a genuine inflection point in history,” President Biden said. “We’ve gotten to a point where I think our economic competence has a gigantic impact on our international influence and capacity.” He expressive his perspective on working in a big way to stimulate the sluggish economy as not being a real risk. “The risk is not trying to go big. If we stay small, I don’t know how we change our international status and competitive capacity.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the president and his economic advisors to seek God’s wisdom as they set national financial programs in place.
  • That the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve would have discernment as they endeavor to support the nation’s recovery.

Sources: The Hill, NPR


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