First Lady Visits Navajo Grade School

 Largest Native American reservation communicates pandemic challenges.

The first lady visited with the Navajo Nation for three days last week, stopping by a reservation grade school on her final day. The students spoke about their experiences during the pandemic, and First Lady Jill Biden and Navajo Nation first lady Phefelia Nez gave speeches.

“If you could write a journal and just look at this time, don’t forget it and think about what did you learn about yourselves,” First Lady Jill Biden said. “Were you stronger than you thought? … Did you find that you were kinder, or did you find that maybe you felt sad so many days?” First lady Phefelia Nez told the students to remember First Lady Jill Biden’s visit; “This is going to be one of those days you remember for the rest of your lives.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For First Lady Jill Biden as she learns more about the people she serves.
  • For the stated of the Southwest as they tackle issues unique to their region.
  • For American Tribal Nations as they recover from the pandemic.

Sources: AP, NPR


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