FBI Continues Breonna Taylor Investigation

Department of Justice expands inquiry

The Department of Justice has continued its investigation into the death of Breonna Taylor in the spring of 2020. The inquiry has expanded beyond the three police officers involved, to the way the warrant was obtained as well as the response by local law enforcement after the shooting.

Cynthia Deitl, former head of the FBI civil rights unit, said such investigations require patience. “You look at everything,” she said. “It’s frustrating… But what you really want is an honest and truthful and very thorough investigation, and that’s going to take time.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • That the FBI would find the facts in the circumstances that took Breonna Taylor’s life.
  • That the Department of Justice would uphold the law and the Constitution in federal investigations.
  • For God’s justice to be accomplished in the nation.

Sources: AP, WLKY


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