National Guard Assists with Water Crisis in Mississippi

 Decades of similar crises begs for infrastructure overhaul.

The National Guard was recently deployed to aid the water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi, passing out water to the capital city. Nearly 160,000 residents had gone without running water for three weeks after the local water treatment plant froze.

Approximately 300,000 residents have been under a boil notice since mid-February due to issues with aging water pipes and marginal water supply. The State Department of Health has authorized testing of the water and some areas may have the notice lifted as soon as Thursday.

Jackson Mayor Lumumba had sent a letter asking the federal and state government for $47 million to update their system. He said, “We have to really… bring it into fruition and get the money to where the rubber meets the road, and I think that not only do we need to talk about that infrastructure package, but we have to talk about its direct pipeline to the places that need it most.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For God to strengthen the National Guard as they have been called upon repeatedly for emergency situations in recent months.
  • For officials in Mississippi to be able to restore the Jackson water system.
  • For the president’s administration as they develop strategies to handle America’s crumbling infrastructure.

Sources: AP, USA Today


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