Astronauts Complete Spacewalk Maintenance

International Space Station sees 236th spacewalk during exterior maintenance.

Astronauts Kate Rubins of NASA and Soichi Noguchi of the Japanese Space Agency performed exterior maintenance on the International Space Station on Friday. On their spacewalk, which lasted 6 hours and 56 minutes, they installed an airlock cover securing device and holders for upgraded solar panels that are to come over the summer.

This fourth career spacewalk for the two astronauts makes the 236th spacewalk to take place at the space station. The station is roughly the length of a football field, with accommodations that include two bathrooms, five bedrooms, a gym, and a cupola bay window through which to view Earth.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the safety of the astronauts maintaining the International Space Station.
  • For the space programs of various countries working cooperatively in space.
  • For NASA as they continue to research and explore the space domain.

Sources: UPI,


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