Senate Votes on COVID-19 Stimulus Amendments

Minimum wage increase no longer a part of the legislation.

After a 51-50 vote on Thursday that required Vice President Harris to cast the deciding vote, the Senate began debate on the COVID-19 recovery bill passed by the House. On Friday, the Senate began voting on a large batch of amendments to the bill. If passed the bill would likely be brought to President Biden this weekend to sign. The bill needs a simple majority to be approved by Congress.

Included in the amendments were challenges to several aspects of the bill. Friday’s votes saw the removal of an increase of the minimum wage. Also, the Senate majority agreed to the compromise of reducing additional unemployment benefits in exchange for the prior payments no longer being subject to federal income tax. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • That God would lead the Senate best adjustments to make to this bill.
  • For the Lord to guide the president on the bills he signs into law.
  • That the passage of this bill would help the nation’s economy recover effectively. 

Sources: AP, CNN, Axios


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