NIH Invests in Advanced Research for Alzheimer’s

Entering into public-private partnership to expand therapies and interventions.

The National Institutes of Health announce the launch of the next version of the program that expands scientific research and data for therapeutic intervention for Alzheimer’s. The Accelerating Medicines Partnership (AMP) Alzheimer’s disease program (AMP AD 2.0) will coordinate partnerships between the NIH, nonprofits, and industry organizations to accelerate the exploration of biological and drug targets.

“AMP AD has helped transform the way we learn about the disease process and identify new targets for treatment,” said Director of the National Institute on Aging Dr. Richard Hodes. 

“This partnership offers real hope to the tens of millions of people affected by Alzheimer’s disease,” said Dr. Maria Freire, president and executive director of the Foundation for the NIH. “Collaboration through the first round of AMP AD has already enabled breakthrough advances in researchers’ understanding of how Alzheimer’s disease progresses, uncovering numerous potential targets for drug therapy in a field where treatment options are severely limited.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For wisdom for the leaders of the NIH as they proceed with the updated partnership in Alzheimer’s research.
  • That God would lead the federal and organizational scientists and researchers to new interventions and therapies for the disease.
  • For those suffering from Alzheimer’s and their loved ones.



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