Perseverance Makes Successful Mars Landing

Trip from Earth took almost seven months.

The American Perseverance rover landed on Mars Thursday with a mission to search out signs of life on the red planet. The car-sized rover carries a suite of science instruments designed to detect signatures of fossilized life—if it is there!

It touched down in Jeezero Crater, a 28-mile wide depression near the Martian equator. It is believed that Jeezero held a lake that could have supported primitive microbiological organisms in the far distant past.

The United Arab Emirates and China have also sent missions to Mars over the past year, taking advantage of the planet’s close approach to Earth.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • With thanksgiving for the gift of scientific and technological minds that God has placed in men and women who have worked on the Mars mission.
  • For NASA officials overseeing the Mars exploration program.
  • For the many advances that space programs have provided to the American public over time.

Sources: Daily Mail, BBC


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