Severe Winter Storms Continue to Hit U.S.

Storm watches issued through the weekend.

Sub-zero temperatures in northern Midwest cities continue as states already blasted by snow and ice storms earlier this month are facing more severe weather through the weekend due to a polar vortex.

“The front that is bringing all this cold air from the Arctic is also punching the eastern U.S. with a few bouts of winter weather before it is all said and done,” a meteorologist reported.

The Midwest and parts of the Northeast are expected to see storms that could bring another 6 to 12 inches of snow, and winter storm watches have been implemented across more than half a dozen states, from Arkansas to West Virginia, affecting more than 10 million people.

Cities like Chicago, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and New York, that have already received significant snow, could get more. Parts of the mid-Mississippi and Ohio Valleys could experience significant ice accumulations.

Travel across the region will continue to be difficult as more than three-quarters of an inch of ice accumulates on roadways.

Meanwhile, the lower Mississippi Valley, the Gulf Coast, and parts of Texas and California could experience rain and wind storms, including some freezing precipitation.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For people who reside in the areas being hard hit by winter storms.
  • For travelers to be safe on the highways or avoid traveling until storms abate.
  • For the National Weather Service as it alerts people appropriately to hazardous weather.
  • For FEMA to be ready to help with any federal emergency declarations.

Sources: CNN, Newsmax


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