Biden Administration to Address Court Openings

57 judicial openings currently under review by the president. 

In the weeks since President Biden’s inauguration, several federal judges have announced their retirement from their positions on the bench. Currently, there are 57 vacancies to be filled by the Biden administration, as well as 20 seats expected to become vacant before the summer. Twenty-five announcements have been made since January 20. 

Judicial nominations were one of the key efforts of President Trump’s administration, in order to fill various positions with judges who hold Constitutional interpretations of the law. When former President Trump took office there were 17 empty seats on the circuit court of appeals – the second-highest court in the nation. President Biden’s administration only has seven such openings to fill at this time. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • That God would guide President Biden in choosing candidates to serve the federal court system.
  • For the Lord to guide the Senate during the confirmation process of the president’s appointees. 
  • That God would ensure the best judges be nominated to the open positions. 

Sources: AP, The Hill


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