CDC Says Vaccinating Teachers not Required

Schools can safely open without vaccinations for teachers.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has continued to encourage the safe reopening of schools, stating that it is not necessary for teachers to be vaccinated for COVID-19 before schools can open. The transition from the previous presidential administration to the current one has not changed the message coming from the health agency. The U.S. officials have been consistent in their analysis of the data regarding in-person K-12 education.

“There is increasing data to suggest that schools can safely reopen and that safe reopening does not suggest that teachers need to be vaccinated,” CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said. “Vaccinations of teachers is not a prerequisite for safely reopening schools,” 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • That state and local authorities would follow the CDC guidelines to reopen schools.
  • For CDC Director Walensky as she leads her department.
  • For American students who have had their education interrupted by the pandemic.

Sources: CNBC, DailyWire


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