Rear Admiral John V. Menoni, Commander, Joint Region Marianas

Rear Admiral John V. Menoni

Commander, Joint Region Marianas

John V. Menoni is a native of Oak Park, Illinois. He earned an undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Illinois, and a master’s degree in Business Administration and a certificate in Systems Analysis from the Navy Post Graduate School, and other military training. He attended naval flight training in Pensacola, Florida, and qualified as a pilot in both the H-46 Sea Knight and MH-60S Knighthawk. He has served multiple flying operational tours of duty including in support of multi-national forces in Iraq.

More recently he was an executive officer and commanding officer of USS San Diego. He has served in Korea, Africa and Europe. He served as executive assistant for the director, Integration of Capabilities and Resources.

In the News…

The governor of Guam and the state historic preservation office are expected to sign the Guam Preservation Trust within days. Their agreement includes protection of island historic sites from the activities of ongoing military training and testing.

The document replaces the expired 2009 Programmatic Agreement. It outlines policies for the Guam Historic Preservation Office and Joint Region Marianas as to how negative impacts on the island’s cultural and historic sites will be avoided or minimized during the Navy’s training and testing activities.

There are a total of 247 historic sites covered under the agreement. Of those, 83 sites are within military training areas and 204 sites are within 300 feet of training sites.


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