Migrant Caravans Heading to U.S. Border

Their odds of actually reaching the border are slim.

Two ruinous hurricanes that devastated large portions of Central America last month have increased the number of families planning a risky journey northward with the hopes of reaching the U.S.

A migrant caravan of about 2,000 Hondurans is currently journeying through Guatemala. The group comprises mostly young men, although there are a few small children being pushed in strollers. Guatemala’s president said in a broadcast to the nation, “The order has been given to detain all those who entered illegally and return them to the border of their country. We will not allow any foreigner who has used illegal means to enter the country to think that they have the right to come and infect us and put us at serious risk.”

The Honduran horde has not been deterred, pushing past outnumbered Guatemalan police and soldiers who made little attempt to stop them. Once through Guatemala and into Mexico, they face that nation’s National Guard and more immigration agents to break up the caravans. Many think their hope of actually getting to the U.S. border are increasingly slim.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • That the U.S. government would address immigration reform.
  • For officials in Guatemala and Mexico as they endeavor to curtail the migrants.
  • For U.S. border agents and officials should the caravans reach the border and attempt to enter.

Sources: Bloomberg, Newsmax, Fox News


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