FBI Warns of Cyber Criminals Targeting Hospitals

Health care systems vulnerable amidst increase in virus cases.

As the FBI alerted health care providers to the potentiality of escalating cyber attacks, the University of Vermont Medical Center had their phone lines, internet lines, and multiple electronic databases hacked and held for ransom. This common technique used by cybercriminals can paralyze hospitals and clinics until they give in to the hacker’s demands.

The threat has exponentially increased as health care provider resources have been strained during the pandemic. In September alone, a massive ransomware attack gripped over 250 U.S. hospitals at the same time. The resulting outages from these attacks resulted in severely delayed care for its entire duration. The FBI is currently conducting a criminal investigation into these attacks.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • That God would lead the FBI in their investigation of these threats.
  • For hospitals currently handling ransomware on top of their emergency duties.
  • That President Trump would have wisdom in empowering those managing the situation.

Sources: AP, Reuters


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