Hackers Target Vaccine Maker

North Korean hacking group suspected.

AstraZeneca, one of the drug makers who has completed testing on a coronavirus vaccine, claims suspected North Korean hackers have tried to break into their systems.

The hackers posed as recruiters approaching AstraZeneca staff with fake job offers. The hacking targeted a “broad set of people” including those working on COVID-19 research. They are not thought to have been successful.

Earlier this month, Microsoft said it had seen two North Korean hacking groups target vaccine developers in multiple countries, including by “sending messages with fabricated job descriptions.” Microsoft did not name any of the targeted companies.

There have been other reports that hackers from Iran, China, and Russia have attempted to break into leading drug makers and even the World Health Organization earlier this year. Tehran, Beijing, and Moscow have all denied the allegations.

Pyongyang has responded that the hacking allegations are part of attempts by Washington to smear its image.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the technological protection of companies who are working on the development of vaccines.
  • For investigators looking into the allegations of hacking by various nations.
  • For the deliveries of vaccines that will be starting in the coming weeks.

Sources: Reuters, Washington Examiner


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