U.S. Withdraws from “Open Skies” Treaty with Russia

America now more secure, Secretary Pompeo says.

On Sunday, the State Department issued a release that says the U.S. has executed its right to withdraw from the “Treaty on Open Skies” that it has with Russia, effective six months from the notification date. The notification was given in May, so the withdrawal is concluded.

The treaty permits 54 countries to perform unarmed surveillance flights over other countries to collect data on their military operations.

Earlier the president’s administration pointed to Russia as the catalyst for the move, saying the country has barred surveillance flights over Russian territories.

Secretary Pompeo stated, “Today, pursuant to earlier notice provided, the United States withdrawal from the Treaty on Open Skies is now effective. America is more secure because of it, as Russia remains in non-compliance with its obligations.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the security of the nation due to the withdrawal by the U.S. from the Open Skies Treaty.
  • For President Trump, Secretary Pompeo, and others who are managing tensions between the United States and Russia.
  • For those in the U.S. Armed Forces carrying out surveillance of military operations of other nations.

Sources: Reuters, One America News


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