Police Departments Nationwide Prepare for Election Unrest

Cities, states and businesses brace for protests.

Although they are hoping it won’t have been necessary, police departments across the country are preparing for the worst in the days before and after the November 3 Election Day.

Terence Monahan, Chief of Department of the New York Police Department, said during a press conference, “There is no secret that this election is more contentious than in years past.” He said the NYPD is one of many departments throughout the country with a plan in case any protests devolve into criminal activity.

Chicago’s Police Superintendent David Brown said that police and emergency officials are training to make sure they’re ready “regardless of whatever scenario happens on Election Day.”

“Many cities across the country are doing similar planning,” he said. “We are all in conversations with our counterparts across the country about what we might expect, but everything is uncertain, and so we’re trying as best we can to anticipate any hazard that might happen, including a weather hazard, snow might happen in our city, along with anything related to protests, embedded agitators that might loot or cause violence or destroy property.” 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For wisdom and preparedness for America’s public safety and law enforcement officials facing the risk of protests, gatherings, or demonstrations related to the election.
  • For officials monitoring groups who have threatened to create mayhem and chaos if the election produces undesired results.
  • For the nation that is so ideologically divided over the presidential election.
  • For God’s will to be done and His purposes fulfilled in the election results.

Sources: Fox News, Boston Globe


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