Grace is for sharing

Ephesians 4:32 – Be kind to one another, tenderhearted forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.

Ephesus was a crime-ridden, idol-worshipping, extremely immoral city that boasted a high number of intellectuals. It was a popular place to be. And yet there was a church there, right in the midst of all that “nasty” stuff. Can you imagine the difficulty of living next door to neighbors who existed on the very sins they now despised? How easily might they have been tempted to return to the old lifestyle?  After all, they couldn’t go to the marketplace without little figures of Diana being thrown in their faces, or to the massive library without being called ignorant for their belief in One God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

Paul continually reminded the Christians in Ephesus to “put on the new self,” “Speak the truth,” “be angry but do not sin, and to give grace to one another, being kind, having a tender heart toward their unbelieving neighbors, forgiving them. Why? Because those neighbors, merchants, and intellectuals were callous and did not know God.

In today’s world, things aren’t much different. Sure, little statues of Diana might not be pushed at you in the market, but other idols have taken her place—things that have diverted your attention away from serving God. Pleasure seeking is everywhere; and Christians are being castigated for “dogmatisms,” even in hearings for a Supreme Court justice by members of the elite Senate.

You have heard it said that you might be the only Bible some ever read. Are you speaking the truth in love, being kind and tenderhearted, showing forgiveness? Are you voting your convictions? These may be the only influences you have. Use them wisely.

Pray With Us

Heavenly Father, there seems to be a lot of areas of power today that the enemy is using to turn Your people away from You. Help me to see this ass seriously as You do. Let me be a shining representative for You. God, I admit that there are people out there toward whom I do not feel compassion or a heart of kindness, tenderness, or even forgiveness. Remind me again that Your grace is not mine to hoard but to share. I love You, Lord, and bless Your Name,


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