President Tells Governors to End Lockdowns

Fears are greatly exaggerated, President Trump says.

At a rally in North Carolina Thursday, President Donald Trump called for an end to coronavirus-related lockdowns. He called on Governor Roy Cooper and his fellow governors in other states to end the lockdowns, which he said are harmful.

“North Carolina, tell your governor to open up your state, open up your schools,” President Trump said. “Got to open up your businesses, open up your schools, get it going.”

He added COVID-19 fears and death numbers have been greatly exaggerated, while the actual mortality rate remains low.

“We’ve learned about this disease,” he added. “We have incredible therapeutics, we have incredible drugs, we have, in my opinion, a cure because I took something, Regeneron.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • That state governors would assess the benefits of reopening their schools and economies over the risks averted with lockdowns.
  • For America to have a robust return of its pre-COVID economy.
  • That more authorities would acknowledge that the coronavirus has an overall low mortality rate. 

Sources: One America, Newsweek


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