Be Unified

It all comes back to a heart attitude.

Colossians 3:15 – And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful.

During this time of emotional upheaval because of the coronavirus, because of business lockdowns, because of job losses, because of the rancor of the election, many are feeling wounded. Deep wounds of the emotions and the spirit are far more damaging than are wounds to the body. And they can be longer lasting.

The vast majority of those wounds are not self-inflicted. They are brought on by another person. But allowing the wound to fester and grow is a matter of self choice. If you let it, the initial impact might heal, but the scar tissue will affect you, those around you, those you love, those who had no part in handing you the wound in the first place. Even more troublesome is when those wounds were delivered by a fellow believer, one with whom you worship each Sunday, one with whom you’ve prayed.

Whatever their source, you need to invoke the Holy Spirit’s scalpel of forgiveness to let the healing begin. Without that forgiveness, you cannot know the wonderful peace that has come from the Father above. Then seek unity with that person and the rest of the circle that has been affected by your festering wound. Let your heart keep right!

Pray With Us

Holy God, thank You for forgiving me through the death of Your Son, Jesus.  Give me strength, courage, and whatever else I need to assert that same forgiveness to one I believe has wounded me.  Help me strive for unity and not for division among my brethren. May I have a pure heart before You, and be joyful because I belong to You. I ask in in Jesus, my Redeemer’s Mighty Name,


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