Locate Your Heart

Relationships with God are not second hand.

Matthew 15:8 – This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me.

Today’s verse ties tightly to the actions being seen by politicians as they pursue the public’s vote for them in November…or sooner for those doing early voting.  Many of them claim to honor God and His place in the nation; but a closer examination of what they are truly saying, and what positions they are endorsing, and what their records tend to show, cast doubt on the extent of their relationship with the Almighty.

You have heard it said that it is not the Christian’s job to be a “fruit inspector.” Yet, Jesus  has said that it is by their fruits that you shall know those who are true believers (Matthew 7:16).  At the same time, Jesus told you to beware of false prophets.

It is time to be wise. It is time to be discerning.  If your candidate of choice is not bringing forth good fruit by his or her actions and deeds, check again. They may be able to recite the Lord’s Prayer without a mistake, they may read their Bible and say their prayers. Yet their fruits are not evident. Their heart may be far from God.

While you are checking, conduct your own self-check as well. Keep your heart close to the Lord. Seek His will and His strength. And in humility, prayerfully cast your vote.

Pray With Us

Father God Almighty, You have given clear instruction on how we as Christ-followers are to conduct ourselves; how we are to love one another, be charitable to those in need, and lead exemplary lives.  Examine my own fruit, Lord. Give me a greater burden for all whom You love. My desire is to walk humbly with You. Guide my steps, thoughts and actions as I prepare myself for the all important duty and privilege of voting. May You be glorified in the results. Thank You for hearing my prayer, for I bring it in the name of Jesus,


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