House Proposes Second Airline Bailout

Measure intended to defer thousands of industry layoffs.

The furlough of thousands of airline workers has begun as travel continues to be suppressed by stay-at-home and work-from-home orders. Some members of the House proposed a $25 billion airline bailout to delay layoffs last week. The proposal may be considered by the full House this week.

Some travel-related businesses have attempted to defer cutbacks until additional aid is approved. In addition to airline companies, airports, hotels, and cities dependent on tourism have lost millions which may take years to recover.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany called on the House Speaker to reengage in negotiations with the president’s administration last week, saying, “Let’s consolidate around things we agree on. And I think something we can agree on is 19,000 workers should not lose their job in the airlines.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Congress to reach across the aisle to aid the U.S. economy.
  • For the House Transportation Committee as they work to move the proposal forward.
  • For President Trump as he works to mitigate the unstable job market.

Sources: AP, USA Today, The White House


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