Supreme Court Will Hear Voting Rights Case

Case involves handling of absentee ballots.

The Supreme Court has agreed to take up a case certain to set up a clash over states’ handling of absentee ballots. The case will not be heard until after the 2020 election, but its bearing on future elections will be significant.

The case concerns voting rules in Arizona. The state does not count votes that are cast in the wrong precinct, and it prohibits “ballot harvesting” where people collect other people’s absentee ballots. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals held that because Arizona’s rules crack down on practices that disproportionately benefit minority voters, they are illegal.

Critics say the Arizona rules are unconstitutional and a violation of the Voting Rights Act. The State of Arizona maintains it has simply adopted race-neutral rules that apply equally to every voter and every part of the state.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the wisdom needed by the Supreme Court justices when they hear and then rule on the Voting Rights case involving out-of-precinct voting and ballot harvesting.
  • That in the 2020 election, states will be able to properly count all valid ballots in a timely and accurate way.

Sources: Axios, Law360


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