Ever Our Example

Are you feeling abused?

1 Peter 2:23 – When he was reviled, he did not revile in return.

In her blog called Good Therapy, Makenzi Kingdom said, “Spiritual abuse is sneaky. It hides in the fact that it is not commonly discussed and thus is often overlooked.”  Although she discusses it in terms of interpersonal relationships, it is becoming more apparent in those “sneaky” ways today as governments keep churches closed while opening entertainment venues, or they call Bible studies “non-essential” and even “dangerous.”

Perhaps your thoughts on biblical values are being challenged by authoritative voices who push New Age, New Thought, Human Potential Movements, and social justice programs that run contrary to what you have been taught or believe.  There is subtle indoctrination going on in schools, in workplaces, and even in homes not only in America but around the world.

Today’s verse uses an old word for abuse, “revile,” which the dictionary defines as “criticize in an abusive or angrily insulting manner.” If it hasn’t happened to you, just know it probably will. It is out of the kingdom of darkness and is strong in today’s counterculture.

Let Jesus be your example. He was challenged from the time His public ministry began…by religious leaders!  His example for us was not giving in, and not being caught in a conflict between the culture of the day and His loyalty to the Father and to the Word of God.  Use your freedom in Christ to show love for one another and pray for those who abuse you. They are acting out of a lack of knowledge of God’s truth.

Pray With Us

Dear Lord Jesus, Once again You are the Supreme Example to follow in all things. I admit to wanting to use the Bible as a hammer to nail down the truth in the minds of some of those who are promoting outright falsehoods about You, about faith, about the very nature of love. Instead, help me remember to act in absolute submission to Your will for my life…to understand and know You. Because of Your unending love, remind me to pray for those who would seek to spiritually abuse me, and keep me in Your Word where the truth is found. Thank You, Lord,


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