Cities on Fire

Fan the flames of Holy Spirit power.

Matthew 24:12 – And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.

You’ve seen them on the news—rioters, looters, arsonists, individuals bent on mayhem in many American cities. What might have begun with good messaging devolved into a summer of fire.  And violence is only increasing.

Jesus, in his discussion of last days, warned that lawlessness would increase…that we would see it everywhere. Some people question whether the Earth is entering the last days era. Others wonder whether the crises that rage are indicating the imminent return of our Lord. Only the Father knows when that day will be.

Jesus also warned that “the love of many would grow cold.”  In these uncertain times, how are things between you and the Lord? Has your love for Him and for the Gospel been set on the back burner while you worry and fret?  Jesus wants you to have confidence in Him and in the Father. Although you might be frightened, you can still know that you belong to Him. Even if you are persecuted, you are confident that nothing comes into the life of one of His children without His permission.

So while fires may burn “out there,” stay in His Word, stay in prayer without ceasing, stand firm, and continue to fan the fire of the Holy Spirit in your own life so that His radiance might show on your face because you trust in Him.

Pray With Us

Heavenly Father, sometimes I think about the end times and see them afar off. Then I look around at what is happening in some of America’s most beautiful cities today as lawlessness has taken over, and it causes me to wonder what You are allowing to happen.  I thank You that I do not have to fear because Jesus has told us what to expect, whether those days are upon us or not. I thank You that I have been redeemed and I belong to You. Keep hope alive within me through Your Holy Spirit. May I reflect You in my life today, for I ask it in the Name of Jesus,


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