President Grants Further Aid to California, Arizona

Hopes to “respond to COVID-19” and “facilitate economic recovery”.

Both the states of California and Arizona have been feeling the tremors of the second wave of coronavirus cases in the past month. As a result, they have sought federal aid to ease unemployment and boost their economies. California’s economy alone is by far the largest in the 50 states, and compared to other countries is the fifth largest economy in the world.

On Friday, President Trump granted their requests by providing further financial aid to both Arizona and California. The federal government had already been funding 75% of the cost share required to provide National Guard assistance to the states, so the president pushed up federal funding from 75% of the cost of assistance to 100%.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For individual states as they continue to fight this pandemic individually and collectively.
  • That the Lord would provide divine health and protection to the members of the National Guard.
  • For President Trump as he continues to strategize how best to care for all 50 states in the union.

Sources: The White House


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