Confidence in God

Proverbs 3:25-26 – Do not be afraid of sudden terror… for the Lord will be your confidence.

There are many references in the Bible to things happening suddenly. They were unexpected, unanticipated, and often threatening. Things that happen suddenly are surprising; and the “fight or flight” response is usually the rapid, sudden reply.

Doesn’t it seem that is exactly how the COVID-19 virus hit America? Suddenly one day it was here. Travel was stopped. Businesses were closed. People were hospitalized, on ventilators, and it was all very sudden.  Just as suddenly, many died. First responders, doctors, hospitals, all were vexed with the level of a problem they had not encountered before, and they were caught unprepared.

God acknowledges that there will be terrors that come onto you suddenly. Once again, His reminder to you is not to be afraid.  “I’ve got you!” is what He exclaims to your inner self. Your outsides, your mind, your intestines might be in a whirl, but God has granted you an unexplainable inner peace…the peace of knowing and belonging to Him. Keep your confidence in Him. He is there for you.

Pray With Us

Precious Heavenly Father, how good it is to know that whatever comes my way, I can rest in Your loving arms. It seems, O God, that this virus will never end. Even the best scientists are now saying it could be with us a long time. Is it Your plan to use this to turn people back to Yourself? Help me show others the confidence that I have in You, the absolute trust, the knowledge that “You’ve got me” no matter what. I bless Your Holy Name and thank You, most Merciful Lord. 


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