DOJ Investigates Possible Human Rights Violations

UN also concerned that excessive force is being used on protesters and journalists.

The Department of Justice is conducting a probe into the use of force by federal officers in Portland, Oregon. Members of the Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection, Federal Protective Service, and U.S. Marshals Service have been dispatched by President Trump to both Portland and Washington, D.C., where peaceful demonstrations have turned violent, with ratcheted-up efforts to deface federal property and, in some cases, attack officers.

On Friday, the United Nations urged the United States to stop using what they call excessive force on protesters and journalists during ongoing demonstrations in cities, including Portland.

At a news briefing in Geneva, Liz Throssell, a UN human rights spokeswoman, said, “There have been reports that peaceful protesters have been detained by unidentified police officers and that is a worry because it may place those detailed outside the protection of the law and give rise to arbitrary detention and other human rights violations.

“The authorities should ensure that federal and local security forces deployed are properly and clearly identified and would use force only when necessary, proportionately and in accordance with international standards.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For officers of the various federal agencies who have been deployed primarily to protect federal property from vandals and violence.
  • For agents who have been injured, including those who may have suffered permanent eye injury from lasers.
  • For the mayors and governors of areas where the demonstrations have turned violent and may have been taken over by anarchists.
  • For President Trump, Acting DHS Secretary Wolf, and others who are confronting the mayhem in some of America’s cities.
  • For individuals who have been arrested or detained by federal officers to be afforded their constitutional due process rights.

Sources: Fox News,  PBS Newshour


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