U.S. Positioning Military Assets Around Asia

Action is part of Administration hardening stance toward China.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper spoke virtually to the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies on Tuesday. He revealed that the United States is equipping and positioning forces across Asia for a possible confrontation with China.

America’s strategy calls for retooling the military to better counter major powers, particularly China. Nonetheless, the Pentagon still gives the Pacific military operations the short end of the budgetary stick, according to lawmakers, officials and experts.

The National Defense Strategy, released last year, names Beijing’s military buildup and its “predatory economics” as major concerns.

How much of the repositioning of forces includes downsizing the troop presence in South Korea was “not touched upon” in the Secretary’s comments.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Defense Secretary Esper, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and President Trump as they work through the repositioning of troops in Asia.
  • About the increase in tensions between the United States and China.
  • About recent actions taken by China to advance its military strength and presence throughout the Indo-Pacific.

Sources: Wall Street Journal, Airtrang News


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