FBI Making Arrests, Launching Investigations Into Rioting

Attorney General Barr says the feds are “building up our intelligence” on perpetrators.

On Thursday, Attorney General William Barr gave an update on the riots that took place across the nation in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd and the status of federal investigations.

The attorney general previously said that the Department of Justice has evidence that outside instigators, including individuals connected to Antifa, were behind some of the violence that appeared to spin out of peaceful protects. “Legitimate demonstrations” were “hijacked” by these outside actors, he said, and federal law enforcement is “building up our intelligence” on the alleged instigators.

“We already arrested over 150 people on federal charges, and we have over 500 investigations underway going on across the nation focused on these hardcore instigators involved in this ruling,” he said.

Barr, who was attending a federal and local law enforcement roundtable discussion in Arkansas, said the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force is focusing on extremist groups that are potentially behind the riots. Previously, the task force had been used primarily to counter Islamic terrorism.

When it comes to calls for defunding or abolishing police departments, Barr said it is “the exact opposite direction” that needs to take place to improve law enforcement. “We have to support, provide more support, more training, and more resources to the police, not defund the police,” he said, adding that “over the last few decades a lot of progress has been made on reforms.”

“It’s a question of striking the right balance,” he said. “We need to support the police so they’re out there protecting the community. But at the same time, we have to be sure there aren’t these abuses.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Attorney General Barr and members of the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force as they continue to investigate and arrest the instigators of the recent riots.
  • For a return to civility within the nation’s communities.
  • About police reform, and actions that protect America’s citizens.

Sources: Fox News, The Epoch Times


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