Monday, July 6

President Donald Trump will be meeting with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the White House this morning.

The secretary of state reported this past week that the Chinese Communist Party under the new security law has sent security forces to round up citizens of Hong Kong known to express free thought. He voiced concerns about Americans and citizens of other nations that live in the region who could be effected by Article 38 of the law regarding offenses.

Also of note was the 209th anniversary of Venezuela’s Declaration of Independence on July 5th. President Trump reaffirmed U.S. solidarity with the people of Venezuela, stating that they currently suffer “under an illegitimate and tyrannical regime intent on destroying democratic institutions, abusing human rights, engaging in rampant corruption, and exploiting the worst economic and humanitarian crisis in recent history.” He expressed hope for the Venezuelan people and affirmed their courage and perseverance.

Secretary Pompeo also stated, “We remain committed to supporting Venezuela’s peaceful, democratic transition and free and fair presidential and parliamentary elections.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For President Trump and Secretary Pompeo as they discuss foreign affairs.
  • For discernment and guidance for the president as policies are crafted with the secretary of state.

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