Grab Hold

Isaiah 41:10 – Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God.

Sadie is 97 years old. She still lives alone, fully capable physically and mentally. She enjoys time in her garden and listening to audio books the library sends her each week. Sadie has a firm and strong trust in her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Sadie keeps a deck of cards on her kitchen table. They are cards she has written out herself.  Each one contains a promise she has found in the Bible. The ones in the current deck are the ones she has found this year. Decks from years before fill an old trunk that is stacked on top with her collection of quilts.

This year, Sadie has learned how to communicate on Zoom. She enjoys time with her friends every morning as they share a cup of coffee over the electronic medium. She told them recently, “Every day of every year, God has brought a new promise to me. I write them down so I can remember to grab hold of them whenever I need a little reassurance!”

Sadie’s daily renewed commitment to the Lord and to His Word has shown her how to walk in faith and not in fear. She is devoted to the Lord and to His promises. How about you?

Pray With Us

Holy God, I have so much to learn from Sadie.  Sometimes I’m neglectful of spending enough time with You to renew my soul. Forgive me for my distractions. Help me dive deeper into Your glorious Word, and to seek out Your promises for me.  In times like these…and in all times, if I am truthful…I need to grab hold and not let go. Thank You for the precious gift of the Scriptures and for all the promises You have there. You are a Glorious Father, and I love You.


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