Sahara Desert Dust Cloud Nearing U.S.

Skies thick with dust in Caribbean.

A vast cloud of dust from the African Sahara Desert has turned blue skies into a hazy brown-gray in the Caribbean and is moving toward the U.S. threatening air quality along the Gulf Coast.

The dust cloud is anticipated to arrive sometime Thursday, then move across the Gulf of Mexico into Texas. People in places like Brownsville and Houston will experience a definite haze in the sky. Forecasts show the thicker concentration blanketing most of Central America and Mexico also on Thursday.

A thicker layer of dust is likely to reach Texas by Friday and then take a turn to the east, moving over the Southeast and MidAtlantic states over the weekend.

People with respiratory issues and allergies could be affected by the tiny dust particles. One benefit will be beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The dust cloud could quell the threat of tropical storms temporarily, due to its absorption of moisture in the air.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Americans who will be affected by the incoming Saharan dust storm.
  • About other effects related to the lowering of air quality.

Sources: CNN, CBS, National Weather Service


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