President Speaks to West Point Graduates

The commencement address focuses on unity that is born out of diversity.

Speaking to the graduating class of 2020 of West Point Academy in New York, President Trump focused his message on unity, calling on the cadets to focus on what binds them together rather than what divides them. He highlighted the diversity and varied backgrounds represented by the class and praised their unity in the midst of such differences, “You have come from the farms and the cities, from states big and small, and from every race, religion, color, and creed. But when you entered these grounds, you became part of one team, one family, proudly serving one great American nation.”

He continued, “You became brothers and sisters pledging allegiance to the same timeless principles, joined together in a common mission to protect our country, to defend our people, and to carry on the traditions of freedom, equality, and liberty that so many gave their lives to secure. You exemplify the power of shared national purpose to transcend all differences and achieve true unity. Today, you graduate as one class, and you embody one noble creed: Duty, Honor, Country.”

The president also added that, “There is no place on Earth I would rather be than right here with all of you. It’s a great honor.”

1,107 cadets were a part of the graduating class.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For God to be with each of the graduates and that their futures would be glorifying to God.
  • For guidance and discernment for the president as he acts as commander in chief of the United States Armed Forces.

Sources: White House, ABC, Reuters, CNN


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