When You Need a Map

Psalm 1:3 – Like a tree planted by streams of water…

Whenever you visit a national park, you are likely to encounter signs that say “You Are Here” with a red dot to show the place where you stand. If you walk in one direction, you’ll see certain sights that the map indicates are there. Likewise, if you move in the opposite direction, the vistas will be different.

Psalm 1 is a kind of “you are here” map for God’s followers. One direction takes you into paths of unrighteousness—even wickedness—while the other takes you to places of blessing.  How do you know which way to go?

It is worthwhile to study the map in advance. Psalm 1 says you should meditate on God’s Word. As you do, the Holy Spirit will clearly point out to you the directions you need to go. Quieting your heart, your mind and your surroundings are good beginnings to opening up the scripture. When you let go of distractions and centralize your focus on God and what He has to tell you, you will become like that tree planted by streams of water…deeply rooted, solidly grounded, and flourishing.   As Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still, and know that I am God.”

Pray With Us

Heavenly Father, Thank You for Your great promises. Thank You that I am not left flailing about wondering which way to go. You have given Your Word where the paths of righteousness, of justice, of mercy and of hope are clearly set out. Help me as I discover more and more of Your plans for me and for the people of this great nation who are so needful of You right now. Help me to be firmly rooted in You, unshakeable and unmovable in standing for You and Your righteousness.  Guide my steps today. Thank You in Jesus Name.


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