Speaker Pelosi Calls for Police Reforms

Asks Black Caucus for input.

In light of the ongoing protests around the nation calling for police reform due to the continued disproportionate force against people of color in the United States, members of Congress have pledged to take up legislation that would address police brutality. House Speaker Pelosi called on members of the Black Caucus to lead the charge in drafting the chamber’s response. 

During a press briefing at the Capitol Building, Speaker Pelosi said, “It is time, it is time for us to address the concerns that were being expressed by the protesters. This is not a single incident. We know this is a pattern of behavior. And we also know the history that brings us to this sad place.” Republican members of the Senate have also indicated that there is a role for Congress to play to address police actions around the country. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • That Speaker Pelosi would have wisdom to lead the House to legislation that protects all people.
  • For Senate Majority Leader McConnell to be used by God to bring laws that increases the safety of citizens and law enforcement.
  • For Congress to bring peace to our nation through their efforts.

Sources: AP, NPR, The Hill


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